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The Global Project: AIMS of the World March of Women in 2000

The following Aims have been set up for the World march of woman in the year 2000:

– To stimulate a vast movement of grassroot women’s groups so that the march will become a gesture of affirmation by the women of the world.

– To promote equality between men and women.

– To highlight the common demands and initiatives issued from the global women’s movement relating to the issues of poverty and violence against women.

– To force governments, decision-makers and individuals all over the world to institute the changes that are necessary to improve the status of women and women’s quality of life.

– To enter the new millennium by demonstrating the ongoing determination of women to change the world.The idea to organise a World March of Women in the year 2000 was born from the experience of the Women’s March Against Poverty, which took place in Québec in 1995. This march, initiated by the Fédération des femmes du Québec, was a huge success and they liked to repeat it on a world-wide level.